From:     Ted     [email protected]     9/4/2008     8:01 A.M.

Please click "PREVIOUS CHAT PAGE" for saved messages...including all the messages that were on the BULLETIN BOARD about the Reunion.

Ruby and Pete, I merged your kodakgallery album with the main Sunnyridge album.

Now we have Leah's, yours, my own, and barbara's pictures all in one album.
This album is available for viewing to the public.
Anyone who wants to see the other albums, add titles to the photos, delete any, add more, etc needs to sign on using [email protected] plus the sunnyridge password. Also, to order prints you must also be logged on or create your own account (which is free).

Just a reminder, if you want to share pictures that a large size (you know, where you can see the nose hair) please try uploading to the "special photos" page. The kodakgallery pictures are reduced in size (except when they are purchased as prints).
To save any pictures from any web page, right-click and select "save image" or reduce the size of the window and simply drag the picture to your desktop.

From:     Ted     9/4/2008     8:20 A.M.

Rita and the Eatons!
I've been so busy with computer related stuff I haven't had a chance to really post any personal messages.
It was wonderful seeing you and your home (reminds me of my family's property in up-state New York) and your family (especially that tall guy...mij) before we left the cave junction area.
You are much tinier than I expected but your heart was as big as Eaton Acres.
It was great to give you a big hug.
I only have a few regrets:
I didn't take any pictures!!!!
I didn't get to taste that corn bread you were letting cool.
I didn't get to see Torun and wish her a happy birthday.
Anyway, even though you were all committed to other things, it was really good to see you at the 40th!

From:     Ruby     9/4/2008     8:29 A.M.

Hey thanks Ted! The photo album is great! Keep adding.

We had a really great time but we totally misunderstood about the Eatons! We didn't stop by on Sunday because someone told us they were not going to be in town because of a birthday party up in Grants Pass. Rita and Mij - I am bummed I didn't get to see you. Well I guess we'll just have to make a special trip south to see you all. It's not THAT far. I'm happy to hear you got a new dog. It helps heal the pain.
For the next reunion, how about a clothing exchange. You bring the clothes that are in good condition but you are sick of and we throw them all in a pile and people pick what they want. All for free.

From:     don yeo     9/4/2008     7:44 A.M.

from the good doctor yeo hoping this gets thru cause this is all new 2 me.sure was fun let us do it again in 5 yrs maybe if the powers that be are willin and the creek don t rise.peace

From:     Ted     9/4/2008     9:08 A.M.

Don and Valerie
I just cracked open that jalapeno jelly you gave us...fantastic!
We certainly lucked-out having you camp next to us.
You both should write a cook book....or maybe post on the sunnyridge recipe page.
I loved the smoked deviled eggs and your smoked meat.
I'll most likely will try the tuna-fish for lunch today.
It was great hearing your words of wisdom Don, and Valerie, you are such friendly and real human being (as well as great cook)...
I love ya both!

From:     Ted     9/4/2008     9:20 A.M.

Sam and Mikey
Without sounding too mushy, my heart was truly overflowing as I watched you guys simply blossom in the presence of the love that was all around.
So glad you made it!

From:     Ted     9/4/2008     9:25 A.M.

Ellen Sue and I visited some friends in Eugene before spending time with Larry & Barbara and Dee, Reina, and the Korican girls.
Here's a video of me feeding the adorable Alpacas:

From:     Ted     9/4/2008     11:49 A.M.

Here's a little sample of Larry's tabla playing:

From:     Ellen Sue     [email protected]     9/4/2008     12:44 P.M.

Gosh it was fun playing with you all after so many years ... and more. I can't wipe the smile off my face. The address book has been updated with the information some of you gave me at breakfast. Check it for typos please and let's stay in touch. Blowing you all kisses.

From:     Ted     [email protected]     9/4/2008     1:45 P.M.

Regarding the Address book :
If anyone has pictures (either on the website or on your computer) that you would like to see on your Address Book profile. Please let me know or send them. Best would be a "THEN" picture and a "NOW" picture.

I just updated michelle silvers now picture with a nice picture from the reunion.

Also, at some time a little bio might be nice on the profiles. Either post your Address again...or email me what you would like on the one that's there.

From:     Rita D     9/4/2008     8:43 P.M.

Hello all, I finally got my pictures uploaded to the Kodak Gallery!! They are included in the 40th reunion album. Hope you enjoy them. loved all the other pictures! some beautiful people and scenery!

From:     Ted     9/6/2008     12:14 P.M.

Ellen Sue and I will be in Florida for the week. It's my Mom's 80th birthday.
We most likely will not have internet access.
Have fun!

From:     Ruby     9/10/2008     2:06 P.M.

OK guys, he's gone; let's talk about him ;-)

From:     barbara w.     9/12/2008     8:27 P.M.

barbara w. there are 140 images on the 40th reunion slideshow and they are all good to look at. some could still use titles,but it can still be added to. Larry and i are actually going down to co. hills this weekend and camping again. the weather is perfect, the moon is close to full and it was soooo good being all together as we were. love, barbara

From:     Ted     9/13/2008     3:01 P.M.

what do you call this video?

From:     Ted     9/13/2008     5:06 P.M.

Ok, I'm back from eating and eating and eating.
My mom had a very happy 80th birthday.
When I picked up our mail, there was michelle's packet of pictures.
I'll be scanning them soon and adding them to the kodakgallery.

Nina and others. Please try the other picture gallery on the Reunion page called "Special Photos". Double-click on the page and enter the password. Then upload full-size pictures.

From:     Ted     9/14/2008     10:04 A.M.

While looking through some old stuff I ran across this cartoon I made in 1970. I had this idealistic notion of communicating with my mom and dad through the "universal language" of images. They probably thought I was nuts.
A day in the Live of a Sunnyridger

From:     Ted     9/14/2008     2:30 P.M.

Home-Grown Xylophone

From:     Ted     9/14/2008     7:36 P.M.



From:     Ted     9/15/2008     2:33 P.M.

I added michelle silver's pictures to the kodakgallery. Also merged all the other separate galleries into the public "40 year Reunion" gallery.

To add titles and comments, please sign on with the sunnyridge password.
use [email protected] as the email address.

And as a reminder, to add any pictures once you are signed
"upload photos" and then
"add photos to an existing album" to select the 40 year reunion album.

From:     Stan     9/17/2008     12:41 P.M.

From:     Stan (from email)     9/18/2008     6:02 A.M.

I've started a blog in case anybody would like to comment for the
It'll also be easier to read there.

From:     Mij     9/18/2008     8:31 P.M.

Hi all!

Stan...everything you said! i've been wanting/going to write a rant
about this whole damn George Orwell type unfolding of the presidential
election. We sit here every night, looking at each other in complete
disbelief at the polls and how this country seems infatuated with
a redneck, braindead, "give me a beer and bend me over a stump"
sub-human who's only credentials seem to be that she has tits, which
somehow makes her capable of possibly holding the most powerful
position in the western world! There's a large segment of women
voters who'll vote for her just because she ( supposedly! ) is female..
personally i think she's actually John Mcain's half brother! But whether
she's a he, or an it, or a damn trogloditic half breed is of absolutely
no concern to anything of relevence! What is relevent is this country is
either really, really stupid and will willingly vote for another four years
of the same crap they all complain about, or somehow the repugs
have found another way to rig the election..they did it once and i'm
sure they have a full time staff working diligently to somehow procure
another stolen election..

But luckily i was only thinking about writing a rant...

Hello all! i'm glad everyone seems to have made their homeward
journey's safe and sound. We're starting to see signs of the waning
of summer here..colder mornings and trees/shrubs starting to turn
color. Our softball league ended last week..way to soon as far as i'm
concerned. The nicest weather is still on tap for the next month and a half,
the best time for outdoor activities. Anyway, we didn't do so well...ok, we
sucked! Must have been the new shirts...

By the way, in case you didn't notice i did you all the great service of
not mentioning, printing, or so much as thinking of that half-human
reincarnation of Alfred E. Newman....A.K.A Monkey Boy.

Your welcome.

Back to softball...
On the last night of the league, a bunch of us sat in the parking lot
after the game and partook in massive amounts of aromatic and
brain-deadening herbal substances, a virtual plethera of local
strains of which i missed nary a toke of..the smoke cloud over the parking
lot may well have resembled the biscuit fire! i'm surprised the
fire-department wasn't called..
Anyway, the reason i mention this mushroom cloud of illegal activity
is because after we all had sated ourselves in it's midst and everyone
left the park, i happily and merrily headed home with a smile on my face
and food on my mind! ( i had a mushroomcloud-sized appetite by then ! )
i turned onto Caves highway ( emphasis on the high ) and almost
immediately was pulled over! bright, flashing, head-splitting red and
blue lights glaring and illuminating me, my car, and about 4.5 square
miles of the surrounding countryside!
Needless to say it caught me off guard.
He did the usual, walked up and shined his incredibly bright flashlight
in my eyes as he asked for my license and registration and proof
of insurance..only one of which i actually had or new where it was, that
being my license. My proof of insurance and registration could have been
in Tibet on a monk's mantle for all i knew! He had me search for said
items about 10 minutes before he decided i had tightened my sphincter
muscles so tight i could have turned a lump of coal into a diamond!
This was all after telling me the reason in the first place as to why he
pulled me over, that being my license plate light was out...stupid me,
i forgot to check that before leaving earlier! The kicker is the next day
i had my friend look at the light and of course it was he so
eloquently stated, "he lied".

Officers of the law would never lie would they?

Anyway, So much for this edition of "bucking the law with Mij".

until next time..


From:     Ruby     9/19/2008     1:01 P.M.
No Sara

You crack me up Mij - I can just see you in the car with your bright red eyes! You got lucky though, good thing!

So I googled Alaska women reject Sara rally. Boy there is tons of sites about this rally. I like this one. I guess they don't love her there either. I think Tina Fey did a great job on SNL. That was hilarious. Have a nice weekend everyone.

From:     Ted     9/19/2008     1:20 P.M.

It takes way too much adrenalin to change that coal to diamond, mij.
Hope it's out of your system.

From:     Ted     [email protected]     9/19/2008     2:43 P.M.

I added a high resolution photo that Leah took of a madrone on the FULL-SIZE PICTURES !!! page (found on the REUNIONS page).
Ellen Sue and I both fell in love with it.

Also...I know this sounds kind of like whining...
I haven't seen anyone try to upload to the above mentioned page.

I haven't heard ANY responses to the stuff I added (above) since the 40th...

*The video of me feeding alpacas
*sample of Larry's tabla playing
*any preferences for THEN and NOW photos for the Address Book
*the Italian (I think) video with a sweet message "The Story of a Sign"
*a 1970 cartoon I made called "A day in the Live of a Sunnyridger"
*Larry playing: "Home-Grown Xylophone"

I feel like a jerk for posting this but it's just possible viewers just go to the last posted message and that's it...or everyone is quite busy...or what I think is cool is actually boring as hell...

From:     Mij     9/19/2008     3:29 P.M.

There's nothing wrong with wanting the fruits of one's labors to
be noticed's not whining..

This is whining:
"I want to go to hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"!

As for me, i cannot tell a lie, i have not gone into said
pages, but will as soon as i get done annoying you..

See, whining works!


From:     Leah     9/19/2008     5:00 P.M.

Wow, I've been busy but looked through the photo gallery again and the memorial page. Thanks Ted, they look amazing!!!!

From:     Ted     9/19/2008     7:18 P.M.

now I'm blushing...

From:     Rita     9/20/2008     6:42 A.M.

Hi Ted and everyone--I have looked at quite a few of
the reunion pictures--love them all-- my computer is still
quite slow but they are worth the waiting--
Great job Ted and thanks to the ones who took them--

Love, Peace

From:     thom     9/20/2008     11:38 A.M.

ted,wonderful picture gallery Its nice too see old friends faces again.Delbert looks the same or is that the wonders of digital tech.

From:     Ted     9/20/2008     12:39 P.M.

No, Miley...
That's Delbert! I think it's because he dresses exactly the same....or not.
Tom, are you still making music?
Got any pictures of you and your family to share?

From:     barbara w.     9/21/2008     10:10 A.M.

barbara w. yes yes yes. ted these delightful snipets about reunion related ev.ents and personnel have been much appreciated and looked at. larry did comment that the sound on his musical endeavors was "lousy" but then you know artists are always temperamental. and thanks for getting all the photos back in order. I too have been looking them over with great fondness. Will we carry it off again in 5 years? only if we hold on to that wonderful famililial feeling. that those who didnt attend really missed out on. love barbaraW.

From:     Ted     9/30/2008     12:03 P.M.

I'll miss Paul Newman. Him I would have voted for prez.

From:     Mij     10/2/2008     3:51 P.M.

I agree Ted, He'd have made a fine president...but he was too smart
to ever abuse himself by running for that most prestigeous and powerful
position...or that aggregious and cowerful position..

So we have just had a MAJOR weather change, from hot and dry to
wet and windy. We've had about a quarter inch but suppose to be
much more in the next couple days...
"Summertime turns slowly into fall...Summertime seems hardly here
at all"...
That was an obscure group of which i'm sure nobody has heard of
called "Doug and the Slugs"..

See, told you nobody has heard of them.

Soooo, the much anticipated, heartpounding, exhilerating vice presidential
debates are this evening...i'd only watch to see what that "thing" who calls
herself a lady has to say. i'm a rather rambunctious, open-minded and
outgoing sexual person, but i'd have to be on PCP and acid, supplemented
with 4 grams of crack, while shooting up a balloonful of Methamphetamine
that was soaked in Drano, before i'd even ponder pondering actually
having sex with.....her?

Other than that she's alright.

Even then, i'd still need a Hustler magazine...

I was weed-eating yesterday at a friend's house and hit a Yellow-Jacket's
nest. I immediately went into the ever popular and entertaining
"Yellow Jacket Stomp", where you basically yell and scream and flail your
arms and body around as if it was made of silly putty! After that always
comical and amusing demonstration of human agility, i ran down the
driveway stripping my clothes while continuing with my tribute to
Gene Kelly on crack....finally i got them all off and ended up with only
5 stings, two of which REALLy bothered me. The one on my thumb, and
one that was just above the...Southern pubic area! That one hurt and
started to swell areas that i normally don't need extra swelling to occur!

Sort of a Yellow Jacket's version of a Ballpark Frank.."it plumps when
you sting it"...

So much for the Human Anatomy portion of the program....

Anyway, the debate just started and i don't want to miss a chance at
seeing what stupid thing's "it" says...

May the benevolent aura of a thousand Dali Lama's enshroud you all..


From:     Ruby     10/5/2008     8:10 P.M.

Wow, I just watched a National Geographic special about Heavans Gate. It featured Ron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg). It was all about the people that killed themselves and also those that gave up like Aaron. I don't know if anyoneone elses saw this, but I thought it was weird! It had pictures of us and talked about communes in the oregon SW; as in US!!! Weird it see pictures of us on national tv! Close ups of our Sunnyridge photos...Lefty, Bob, Patty, Peter K, Mona and Michael. Did you all see this?

To change the subject, my commputer has been broken for a while now, I just got reimaged and am back online. I sure missed you all!

Thank you so much Ted for keeping all of our pictures and information available for such a long time. What would we do without you!!!

So keep the votes going for Omaba. Sara has managed to pursuade the Americans that she has a brain, which we know she does. Unfortunely she is like the mean girls we all knew in high school that would stab you in the back and lie their way to prom queen just because she had the strange advantage of a pretty face and a MILF body. Gees! Since when does that get you a vic pres job? Are people really that stupid? I guess we'll see.
I love you all. Hope to see a new real change soon!

From:    eugene     10/5/2008     10:25 P.M.

so long time no post...

i have been working on the obama campaign every day for a week now... WOW... i have never had so much fun doing such boring stuff... canvassing and phone banking...

but it is SO great to be doing something constructive instead of just being pissed off all the time... i have even begun to laugh at the jackasses instead of wishing i had a gun... i don't own a gun because i am actually more likely to shoot myself than someone else!!!

so i have been laughing at the smug, arrogant, self serving, self satisfied jackals (which are much worse than hyenas... hyenas at least laugh)... whenever i see them on TV...

the lists we work off of are democrats and undecideds (don't ask me where they get the names, i don't know) and it is so wonderful to be surrounded by like minded people down at the obama HQ... it gets pretty lonely out here in the boonies... the democrat boonies... there are a lot of republicans... and the mood here is great... it looks like we will take the state and one seat in the senate that domenici let go this year...

the republican primary for that seat put the nastiest of the two on the ticket and that may seal the fate of the republicans for that seat... i think we are going to pick up a representative also!!!

been playing music a lot the last 2 years and finally have reached a point where i am getting invited to perform in restaurant/pub for pay... do not care that much about the money... but... they WANT me... and at different times people have come up and told me how well i play... now for someone like mij with his on the go ego (in a good way) this would not be a big deal... but i need the strokes... i haven't felt all that necessary over the last 10 years...

well... so much for the so much... glad you all had a great time at the reunion... keep up the faith...

From:     Ruby     10/6/2008     2:05 P.M.

Looks like Heaven's Gate is on Nat Geo again today at 3:00 pm if anyone wants to see what Aaron looks like today. Or to see our Sunnyridge picture on TV.

From:     Ted     10/6/2008     4:25 P.M.

Hi Ruby
Man, this is so frustrating. I looked at the video but it doesn't include Ron. Then I did all sorts of searches for when it is playing on my local network. But I can't find it nohow!!!!!

From:     Mij     10/6/2008     4:33 P.M.

Wow! i wish we'd have seen the program Ruby! We'll see if it's on
the PBS station, which sometimes shows "National Geographic Specials"..
i bet that was strange seeing all those familiar faces on TV! We'll keep
an eye out and hopefully have a chance to check it out..and thanks for the

Hello Eugene! Good to hear from you, glad to see things are going well.
That's cool your working for the Obama campaign! i would try to be
sarcastic and say we're Mcain/Palin backers, but somehow i don't think
you'd believe it! Good luck and congrats on your music too...

Had about an inch and a half of rain over the weekend, so things look,
smell, and feel so much better than just a few short days ago..only a trickle
of smoke creeping up from Northern California so the sky looks sooooo
much bluer...

i'll annoy more again soon...


From:     barbara w.     10/6/2008     7:24 P.M.

barbara w. glad to see we are still alive and chatting. i admit i havent had much to say lately. i have just been experiencing being completely aghast at the low level politics has sunk to, although she certainly is easy to parody isn't she? i am glad for those of us who have the energy and inclination to work directly on Obama's campaign. Only a month to go now. just got an invite to Priscilla's 70th bithday party. I will bring reunion souveneirs. Love you all. Barbara

From:     llucy     10/11/2008     7:49 A.M.

jeez i am busy and didna have much to say or do for the reunion, got most of our hay harvest in, one field left to plant in pasture below grange yet, but have not had fall rains only fall freezes and some popcorn snow yesterday for 5 minutes, not long enuf to get a pic even, not enuf to sprout expensive native seeds yet.
have plenty calves, a clutch of pigs, 3 horses ,3 cows, 1 steer heading for the freezer after xmas. In an act of slow but steady family thinking we three hughesian ladies managed to set a date in Dec for an early xmas together at farm so I could celebrate with them this winter, then we can all have secondzies xmas or not( I may pass on another)

I am so not regretting stopping science work for other people awhile to come home and werk on our own place and feeds us very nicely, i am really enjoying butter and cheese and yoghurt making, also buttermilk for biscuits and pancakes...yum. I have been ordering 100 lbs of flour a year from King Arthur flour(vermont) best flour ever had and this year I won a extra 25 lb bag! much baking
twill be done
the family will probs hafta ski into here by then .or I can take out the tundramobile, Ican hide 20 gallons of deisel chuckle
Here's hoping everyone has their firewood in

From:     Stan (via email)     10/15/2008     5:34 A.M.

Slavering at the Public Coffers

In the latest twist to the sordid saga of hat-in-hand bankers
slavering at the public coffers, central banks in England, France and
Germany, for starters, are now guaranteeing loans between banks.
According to conventional economic wisdom - the very same 'wisdom'
that got us into this mess, I might add - if banks can't lend to each
other, they won't have the money to lend to Average Joe, or his
corner candy store, so he and small business, will, in turn, suffer...........

From:     Ted     [email protected]     10/15/2008     4:25 P.M.

Sunnyridge Quarterly Financial Statement

From:     old yeo     10/15/2008     8:50 P.M.

so what else is new,'re still right there with new oleans.beware of creeping seriousness.

From:     stan     10/17/2008     11:29 A.M.

Fraid, I'm way past creeping....
Been planting fruit trees and ornamentals at my land, but my back limits me to about an hour a day.. still I love it....
Don't comment much but so check in most days...

From:     barbara w.     10/18/2008     10:38 A.M.

barbara w. a friend just got me to sign on to facebook. whatever that means. If that has any benefit to anyone let me know. I am sure we are all anxiously awaiting the election. seems like everyone i know is much more involved than they have been in a long time, for good reason. I hope no one has suffered much from the wall st. bust. its only money....stay focused and don't do anythingrash. advice from my broker, who is also my good friend and i trrust her. count for Obama...keep laughing. love barbara. oh, if anyone is interested there will be an article about Bob Hale, father pilgrim, in the dec. issue of Outside magazine, if you can find it.

From:     stan     10/19/2008     9:56 A.M.

I too have wound up on facebook... urging of friends... seems a good way to keep up with people around the world but it's taken a long time for me to get it going. I'll send you an invite.

From:     barbara w.     10/20/2008     9:26 A.M.

barbara w. just had a lovely dinner last night with nin K. , her partner Dolphy, and Elizabeth and Saul, and Demetra. We commented on the family feeling that magically appeared a the reunion in spite of so many years and differences. Now it's two mos. later and hard to remember but we all agreed it's something beyond our own idea that we are in control of everything we do at all times. Seems related to the wisdom that the teacher is always inside of us. Just have to remember to tune in. Hey Pilgers I have been thinking about you lately alot. Are you both job searching? How is Santa Barbara handling the financial crisis? Maybe Sara PAlin is here to make us all keep laughing.(Instead of grimacing) love Barbara on a rainy fall morning in Eugene.

From:     Ted     10/20/2008     1:29 P.M.

Hi Barbara
I gotta agree. We are not in control nearly as much as we think yet in principle the predisposition to feel we ARE in control is perfectly natural. Our puny mind-egos are rather distorted "reflections" of SOUL, that hidden consiousness that truly IS the "creator".

So in that light, yes, Ellen Sue and I think we are looking for jobs but in actuality the right job won't come till the right time.

And, yes, the whole political extravaganza is a parade of comedians.
Our local candidates are spending a ridiculous amount on their costumes.
Hey, how about this: candid-apes

From:     SIG     10/20/2008     5:34 P.M.
I Have a Maker


From:     Mij     10/21/2008     7:18 A.M.

Hello to all my fellow flower power, make love not war,
acid taking, communal-minded souls..or to all you
fellow chatters! Just got back from a 5 day road trip with
Vickie, whom was so kind as to basically not only put up
with me for all that time, but treated me to a most awesome
whirlwind of adventure and beauty of which i've really
never been able to experience..
We went to Portland to visit her son whom just graduated last
spring and now lives there. We stayed two nights at a
"Mcminnemin's" ( that may not be how it's actually spelled )
and two nights with her son, Renn, whom in just a few words
can only be described as a credit to humanity in all it's positive
lights..he and his brother Leif, whom also posseses these same
heart-warming attributes, are just a joy to be around...and all
of which is a direct reflection of their beautiful and intelligent
Anyway, i digress! The Mcminnemin's are old places such as
schools, poor farms' etc., that have been re-modeled and turned
into amazing businesses of a hotel-like nature, except they are
entrenched in amazing art which covers all the walls and ceilings
and nooks and can literally walk around for hours
and view this awesome assortment of artistic beauty, while being
entertained with pubs, music and concert halls, theaters, spas, etc.,
i was truely amazed and enthralled with the whole atmosphere..
After being shown some of Portland's cool places of interest, such
as Washington Park where they have the Rose Garden and the
Japanese Gardens, and eating dinner 40 floors up in an absolutely
incredible high-rise building, and seeing Portland's night life, we went
to Bend and spent another night at another Mcminnemin's and then
drove from there back to GP via some Oregon's most breath-taking

Mij left Cave Junction!

..good to see the chat is going well..
-Llucy, congrats and continued good luck with
what sounds like an incredible
-Stan, tis to big a mountain for us peonic souls to even
envision, with the monstrous banks of perpetual greed
and the howling packs of stock-market wolves all
entwined in this rather ambiguous game of greed and
the useless sub-concience endeavor for immortality..don't
get me wrong, i'm not a complete idiot in these matters!
i just can't fathom the....nuances and subtleties which
seem rather egotistical in nature and self serving in reality..


Barbara, that's very good, sound's still only money! Of
course it's easy for me to say because i have absolutely no stake
or say or control in anything even resembling financial nuances,
except for the very limited cash i sometimes accrue though my
days of physical abuse!...

And Ted, thanks again for this wonderful site and for your continuing
effort and time for making this a place i look
foreward to checking into. Give yourself a pat on the back, but
just don't hurt yourself! Mom and i will be giving a financial
show of support to you very's our pleasure.

Gotta go folks, have to catch up on all those things that seem to add up
when one is a way for awhile...and don't forget to vote!


From:     llucy     10/22/2008     6:58 A.M.

MIJ! do we know the same people or what?
we three hughesian ladies are starting our xmas trip in Ptown with a stay at the Kennedy school, one of those mcmenniman places, also it has a huge hottub,,ya know where i will be for 8 hrs...chuckle, better bring the lifeguard.
Yes it is sweet to go to town and shop trader joe's do some thrifting, antiquing, some friends and go home!

From:     michelle     10/23/2008     8:13 P.M.

there is an ancient korean saying, "gold is only a stone". My company (like many others) is "downsizzzzing". . . my branch is closing. . . we are "getting married" to another branch nearby. . . it's a shot gun wedding.
the won is wayyyyyy down. so i won't be bringing any money home. . . will keep it here till better times . . . i miss oregon and eugene. . . love to all, michelle . . . . . . . i'm on facebook too. . . .... ..

From:     michelle     10/24/2008     2:31 A.M.

manic. the won is fluctuating like mad. nobody understands what's going on. not even allen greenspan. . . . . . it is clear , however, that we are all connected. or "they" are.
korea has the highest suicide rate in the world. . . people are jumping off of buildings. really. 30 a day in my area. they have a protocol for quick clean up in every building. . . never on the news. . . . only if it happens to be a celebrity. . . . . ...
i'm practicing positivity but it is very difficult with so much madness and sadness around me. . . gold is only a rock. . . . gold is only a rock. . .. gold is only a rock . . . gold is only a rock. . . ..

From:     Elizabeth (aka Betty)     [email protected]     10/24/2008     7:54 A.M.

Hello friends,
Must admit that I totally forgot to look at this page, but my wonderful weekend with Nina & Dolfy, visiting the Weinstein's and Demetra made me so much want to connect here. Teddie, thanks for doing this. I will make the time later to look at photos.
With loving kindness, Elizabeth

From:     llucy     10/24/2008     10:47 A.M.

michelle u can always come home, we would all stand you to a home visit..and there r still jobs, people going to them here, and even if that fails, we can still go to the claim and hang a deer, i believe yer dad wood want you to know u be welcome among family anywhere in the whirld

From:     michelle     10/24/2008     11:20 P.M.

thank you for the kind words. . . "are we on the right train?" , dad would say to me whenever i questioned his or my judgement/decision. it refered to an experience travelling with him in europe. . . would always make us giggle. and help me not take myself and the world so seriously. . . dad was good at that. . .. lightening things up. . .
korea is my second home. . . this is the right train . . .

From:     stan     10/25/2008     9:07 P.M.

barbara you need to put a picture on facebook - there are two dozen barbara weinsteins so I can't find you. Ted I still can't figure out how to get to our address book. must be senioritis cause I've been there plenty times before...
All is well in Camboland

From:     Ted     10/26/2008     1:17 P.M.

Whenever anyone is lost navigating this site
just go to the home page.

go to
or type sunnyridge commune in google search.

On the home page, "contact us" is the Address Book.

Stan, I added the direct link above


Economic Meltdown Next

Alan Greenspan now says nobody could've predicted the scale of the
current banking meltdown. Meanwhile, the Maestro, as he once was
called, who guided the economy with a "magic touch" during his long
tenure blithely ignored every indicator that trouble was brewing. He
is correct, of course; nothing like this has happened since 1929, and
moreover, probably wouldn't have happened if the banking reforms put
into place in response to that calamity hadn't been eviscerated ten
years ago under Clinton's watch...

From:     Ellen Sue     10/26/2008     7:09 P.M.

I just found out via a friend that Suzette lives in Santa Barbara. We're hoping to get together and chat. Ted and I arrived after she left so we don't really know her. If she is willing, we'll get her email address so those of you who did know her can get in touch.

From:     Webmeister     10/28/2008     1:40 P.M.

(also find a link at the top of this page)

From:     Ted     10/28/2008     3:11 P.M.

llucy, thanks for being the first to use the new Bulletin Board.
Your message was very apropos, like what we'd see on a real bulletin board in town.
By the way, llucy...
Ellen Sue asked me who you were and I realized I really don't know your relationship to Sunnyridge.
Did you visit the commune during it's heyday?
Do you live nearby now?
How many of the sunnyridgers do you know?

From:     Barack Obama     10/28/2008     7:45 P.M.

From:     Pumpkin Head     10/30/2008     12:50 P.M.


From:     Rita D.     [email protected]     10/30/2008     8:51 P.M.

Good news and news
The GOOD NEWS first: I understand that we may have made contact with Suzette, who was with us in the early days of Sunnyridge. A lovely person ....we have been looking for her for a long time. As it turns out, Ellen Sue has made the connection in Santa Barbara!!! Thanks so much, Ellen Sue.
for making the link.

other news: I understand that there will be an article on Bob Hale, aka Papa Pilgrim, in the December issue of OUTSIDE magazine. I believe that the author of the article started out with a starry-eyed view, but likely has changed his viewpoint over the last year.

From:     Mij     10/31/2008     6:58 A.M.

I was wondering if anyone has been able to view that
video Ted posted? it's pretty funny..i sent it with my name
as the main theme, but you can foreward it and put whoever's
name you want..a relative, friend, etc..

Raining here! looks like the first good taste of November coming
in the next few days...the T or T's should catch a break a bit
later, just in time to go collect all that candy just waiting to be
taken, but then wet again all weekend. We need it though, so bring it on!

Don't forget to vote and hopefully we're all celebrating Tuesday night
for Obama's much needed and much deserved victory...i know one thing,
if i have to listen to that whining, cackling, obnoxiuosly annoying voice
of John Mcain's for four years, i may well have to perform a Van Gough
on myself!...except not stop at one ear, just go for the whole "ball of
wax" so to speak!

I'd give you a morning rant on Palin, but it takes a herculean effort
to just say her's as if the sound itself can take the skin
off your throat like some sort of corrosive acid...they should hire her out
to stand and talk to walls that need the paint peeled off them....
( Her voice should come with a "Warning" label! )
Well looky there! i guess i did give a mini-Palin rant...oh well, i guess you
get the idea that i don't want to listen to either of them!



From:     Ruby     10/31/2008     9:46 A.M.

I loved the video too Ted. I sent it to my dad and a few friends too. Happy Halloween everyone. No parties for me. Last year I think we got 4 trick or treaters.
I don't know if you already posted this but it is really good. You know how it would be if the tables were turned!
What if things were switched around? Think about it... Would the country's collective point of view be different?

Ponder the following:

What if Obama had paraded five children across the stage, including a three month old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?

What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was a divorcee?

What if Obama had met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was still married?

What if Michelle Obama was the wife who not only became addicted to pain killers but also acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?

What if Obama had been a member of the Keating Five?
(The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.)

What if McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

What if Obama couldn't read from a teleprompter?

What if Obama was the one who had military experience that included discipline problems and a record of crashing seven planes?

What if Obama was the one who was known to display publicly, on many occasions, a serious anger management problem?

What if Michelle Obama's family had made their money from beer distribution?

What if Obama had adopted a white child?

You could easily add to this list. If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another when there is a color difference.

Educational Background:

Barack Obama: Columbia University - B.A. Political Science with a specialization in International Relations. Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

Joseph Biden: University of Delaware - B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science. Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)

John McCain: United States Naval Academy - Class rank: 894 of 899

Sarah Palin: Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester. North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study. University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism. Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester. University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in Journalism

Hey Barbara, sounds like a fun time with everyone at your house. I am on Facebook too. I joined a while ago because my daughter-in-law puts videos of the grandkids there for me. I'll make friends with you and Stan.
Have a nice rainy weekend down there in Cave Junction y'all.

From:     barbara w.     11/1/2008     8:42 P.M.

barbara w. good stuff (or bad stuff) Ruby...depending how you look at it. Don't forget to sign on to Facebook. Ted andEllen Sue are my friends too. It keeps growing and it's kind of fun. Hope tuesday nite turns out to be alot of fun too.

From:     Ted     11/3/2008     4:16 P.M.

All this internet stuff...blogs, facebook etc are nice
but something about a REAL book, how it feels in your hands and even the smell of the pages!.
And something about a real paper letter in the mailbox...
from Hay's Cutoff no less
transported back in time to mij and Rita's place


From:     Ted     11/3/2008     7:44 P.M.

Hi. Don't know if this was in your news or not but the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara was closed all morning because a veteran with a gun was protesting on the bridge one exit from our road. Our road was bumper to bumper from 8:00 till noon.
Here's the story:

UPDATE: Highway 101 Gunman Identified
Man Standing on La Cumbre Bridge Over NB 101 Freeway
Santa Barbara, CA-- A masked gunman waving an American flag and a handgun on a freeway overpass surrendered to police Monday after forcing a traffic shutdown for hours.

The man gave himself up at midmorning west of downtown Santa Barbara at Highway 101, a major route along the California coast. No shots were fired. Traffic was backed at least three miles in each direction.

Watch the KEY News Live Coverage of the Standoff Here

The man agreed to give up after he was allowed to attach a Barack Obama campaign sign and the flag to the overpass railing, said police Sgt. Jim Pfleging.

Police were continuing to investigate a duffel bag and the man's car at the scene but "we have no credible threats or any threats of explosives," Pfleging said.

Police identified the man as 28-year-old Eddie Van Tassel. Pfleging said the man is believed to be a service veteran and will receive a mental health evaluation.

The man, wearing a ski mask and brown fatigues, had the flag in one hand and the gun in the other when officers arrived on the highway's La Cumbre Avenue overpass just after 7:10 a.m., said police Sgt. Lorenzo Duarte.

A police special weapons and tactics team and a crisis negotiation team used a bullhorn to communicate with him. After nearly three hours, he put the handgun on the ground and walked backward to police officers.

As for the man's motive, Duarte said, "The reason appears to be anti-war, but I don't know the specifics."

From:     Ted     11/3/2008     7:54 P.M.

Story with picture

From:     Rita     11/4/2008     10:51 A.M.

Hi Everyone--This is certainly an HISTORIC DAY!!!
I personally get anxious until the last vote is counted--But
I am definitely happy to be in the position we are in at this
point in time--Unless some fluke happens we should win handily--
He ran a great campaign, is very intelligent and he will definitely head
us in the right direction--YEA, YEA
Peace, Love and hugs to all you dear Sunnyridgers--
You all are very dear to me--

From:     Ted     11/4/2008     5:20 P.M.

Just for fun...
How are Sunnyridgers voting?

From:     TED     11/4/2008     8:45 P.M.


From:     Mij     11/5/2008     5:52 A.M.

What a night! all my 48 yrs upon this still wonderful and
beautiful earth i've never had the experience of having such a
good feeling after an election..the man has been graceful and intelligent
in his bid for the whitehouse and in his exceptance of the people's
choice for him to be our next gloating, no "i told you so's"..
Just a nice man whom is excited and ready to reach out to all, whether
dem or repub, black or white, gay or straight,....ready for all AMERICANS
to ban together and take our country on a much more positive and
hopeful path..we needed it like a thirsty man needs water, not just our
country, but the world. It's not gonna be a quick fix, and the road will
be long and rough, but at least we have a person whom can get the
people to throw aside differences long enough to become what we all
are, and what our fore-fathers allowed us the chance to be...

It's a great night and a great victory for all peoples, and that's something
i wasn't sure would ever happen again in my lifetime.

Congratulation to everyone..

And above all

From:     Stan (via email)     11/8/2008     9:50 A.M.

Bush Nightmare Almost Over

Though his misunderestimated legacy will live on to haunt the American
polity for a painfully long time and we'll no longer find grim humor
in his stupendous ineptitude and mendacity, his Reign of Error is
thankfully nearly over.

From:     Beany Kunis     [email protected]     11/11/2008     8:11 A.M.

I just saw that video you posted Ted. Wow, I wish I had seen it before the election. Thank you.

From:     Ted     11/12/2008     5:19 P.M.

Susette's visit (Bulletin Board)

From:     barbara w.     11/13/2008     12:40 P.M.

hello everyone. hello Beanie...hello suzette. Larry and I are going to Las Vegas for a few days...not to gamble but to catch up with family from the distant past and create good karma. Tell you all about it when we barbara

From:     Ruby     11/14/2008     8:00 A.M.

Hi Barbara, MIJ, Beanie, Ted, Stan, Rita, and all the rest of you wonderful people! OMG, I just saw on the news that Santa Barbara is on fire. 100 houses already burned to the ground. 1,000 are at risk. I pray that Ted and Ellen Sue are safe. Please tell me you are.

Happy anniversary to Leah (I was reading your blog). Sounds like you had a nice day.
Just checking in and sending my love out to all of you.

Have fun in Vegas ;-)

From:     Ted     11/14/2008     9:58 A.M.

Ellen Sue and I are safe.
The "Tea" fire is quite close, however.
Around 7pm last night I went outside and smelled smoke. I always get on guard when I smell smoke. Reminds me of the firefighting days at Sunnyridge.
Then I saw it, right from our back yard.
Ellen Sue and I both let out a few expletives, being it was so close.
Westmont college and expensive homes were in that area.
Turning on the news we saw that Santa Barbara was getting a lot of help so we really didn't feel threatened.
Acually, we are in a spot that if a wild fire got to us it would mean that just about all of Santa Barbara was on fire. Not much chance.
Anyway, a simply gorgeous summer-like day turned into a smoky evening.
All night I could hear helicopers outside.
This morning I found ash all over, some the size of business cards but generally much clearer air and sky.
I'll have to check the news again, but I am sure it will be contained soon.
My sympathies to those who lost homes and probably pets.

From:     Ruby     11/14/2008     10:39 A.M.

Hey Ted, thanks a bunch for letting us all know you are safe. Whew.

From:     Ted     11/14/2008     2:11 P.M.

Here's a picture I took last night about 7pm. I had to lighten it up so you could see the bird bath in our back yard.

Here's a close-up of some of the large ashes that rained down...
pieces of ash
(no mij...not piece of ass)

From:     Ruby     11/14/2008     3:51 P.M.

Wow, that fire looks so close!

From:     Stan (via email)     11/14/2008     6:46 P.M.

Fat Cats Belly Up to the Bailout Bar Again

Now it's American Insurance Group, worlds largest insurance company,
back at the Bailout Bar to knock down a few more for the road.
Altogether, $150 billion will be 'invested' in another craven,
irresponsible, corporate welfare cheat...

From:     Rita D     [email protected]     11/15/2008     8:52 P.M.

I understand that there is an article about Bob Hale in Outside magazine this month, if anyone is interested....haven't seen it. appreciate you all for being on the good side of the equation; he was certainly on the other side, sadly.

From:     Ted     11/17/2008     6:02 A.M.

It's the december issue, not november.
I might just buy the magazine to see what Mark said about Sunnyridge. After all, we have our "flower-child" reputation to protect.

Six years ago, a man named Pilgrim took his wife and 15 children to a homestead deep in the backwoods of Alaska. But as the residents of nearby McCarthy would learn, he was anything but the good Christian he professed to be.
By Mark Kirby"

December issue of Outside Magazine

From:     Mij     11/18/2008     7:04 A.M.

Hello all..

Wow! i'm so glad you guys are ok Ted! That looks a bit seems that
they've gotten a handle on things, so i'm happy to hear that...hopefully
they'll continue to get the upper hand on it...we actually had a mellow
summer as far as fires, although we did eat a lot of smoke from N. Cal
blazes. i hope we have about 10 yrs of mellow!

That was a good one Ted! ( pieces of ash! ) just think though, if a sexy
lady walks by you can say "Look at the ash on her" and not be politically
incorrect or...a sexist pig!

On the other hand, i'm probably just an "ashhole"...

Speaking of irrevelant and useless's so nice not to see MB
and his ignorant face all the time! He's on the news just long enough to
grunt some useless and pointless drivel of which absolutely nobody
cares about or pays any heed to..he should just crawl off into whatever
slimy hole he has waiting, and let the world celebrate his absence with
the fervor and glee that they've so stoically earned and desperately need..

Other than that he's an alright guy..

I must say though, i'm sure deep down i'll miss the big lug! The amount of
entertainment and laughs he's so unwittingly provided these past 8
years will be very hard to replace...but i'll manage.

i'm off for a blood test in a bit to test my "Dylantin" level...always a
pleasure being stuck with a needle! Most of the time it's a quick, painless
procedure, but every now and then they have a hard time finding a good
vein to tap and end up doing their imitation of a sewing machine on
my arm!..

Speaking of Needles...ever wonder how that dreary little town got
that name? Was there a needle factory there? is it populated with a
bunch of people who have a sarcastic wit? Or maybe it was founded by
two people: A guy named Pins and a guy named use to be
called "Pins and Needles" until Pins packed his bags and went in search
of greener pastures..

Have you ever wondered why i'm not in a little white jacket?

I guess i've puzzled and annoyed enough for one morning...i hope you
and Ellen Sue remain safe Mr. Webmeister, and i'll be back soon i'm
sure for more whatever it is that i do...



From:     Ted     11/18/2008     12:07 P.M.

I am constantly amazed, mij, how you can get this sometimes "lump on the log", sometimes "dead horse", sometimes morose and life-less half-awake dullard to burst out laughing and live again!!!!!

From:     BULLETIN BOARD     11/19/2008     9:25 A.M.

11/12/2008 - Ted
Hey! Suzette visited us today. We shared lots of stories and were totally surprised at how long we have been neighbors and know the same people. A picture of Suzette when she was at the claim can be seen on the History pages,
"Old Kitchen 2".

wow. another lost sunnyridger found. and as beautiful as ever. what has suzette been up to all these years.? love to hear more. barbara w.

11/13/2008 4:17 P.M. FROM - Ted
I hope she will come on and answer that, barbara. She's done so many things and lived in so many alterative communities, in Europe, Montana, and of course California. She's working from home as a Graphic designer right now and can't wait to see jimmy melnik's house, which she has looked at in wonder for years.

Suzette looks beautiful, just as I remembered her. I would love to hear more too. I'm a graphic designer by trade also, I'd love to see some of her work.

11/15/2008 6:43 P.M. FROM - Ted
Suzette had to evacuate her home due to the fire, so no telling how long before she checks out this bulletin board. Thought those who are holding their breath should know.

pretty scary. we have been listening to news but are only hearing about the fires closer to LA now. Hope the one near you is out , Pilgers. love barb and larry.

11/16/2008 11:44 A.M. FROM - Rita Thabault Downs
I am so happy that we have connected with Suzette; i have searched for her off and on for years! She is beautiful inside as well as outside, and was a wonderful addition to Sunnyridge. I hope she fares well with the fires, and that we can all connect in personn.

From:     Ted     11/19/2008     9:26 A.M.

picture of suzette

From:     Ted     [email protected]     11/20/2008     9:20 A.M.

Especially for Beany, and all the musicians and music-lovers...
The music page now has a slot where you can enter a YOUTUBE url (the code they provide)
So if you find your favorite tune on can add it as background music on sunnyridge.
If anyone has music they themselves have made (not copyrighted), email me to add it to our music library.

From:     old yeo     11/20/2008     3:32 P.M.

from old yeo hey ted i got rhtyem but i can't spell let alone send music over this thing yet.hope all is well with that fire stuff you got goin'on down there.peace.

From:     Mij     11/22/2008     7:14 A.M.

Hi all...
Glad things have died down for you Ted..My weather pundits are
saying that the end of next week ( Thanksgiving ) the Jet Stream
will be down in California leaving us dryer and would
mean you'd be more in the rainy area...

They also said Gore would win 4 yrs ago.

i was just an anoying kid getting in the way of annoying adults
when Suzette was at Sunnyridge, but i wish i had been an annoying
adult! She's very is it that the rest of us aged but she
still looks like she listens to Peter Frampton albums?

SOOOOOOoooooo, Suzette! Did i mention i barely have a job, my car
does't run, and i have no forseeable prospects?!..

i'm in the midst of some early morning domestic chores, so i'll say
adieu for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and remember, this
is the first Thanksgiving in over 8yrs that insult to Homo Sapiens,
also known as Monkey Boy, has not been what he passed off as
President of the United States...that in itself is enough to wake the
Pilgrims from their graves and dance an Old World jig!


From:     barbara w.     11/24/2008     2:31 P.M.

speaqking of incongrouous things...we just got back from Las Vegas, the land of decadence reminding me of the last days of aincent Rome...and they do have Caeser's Palace as well. But this trip was a heartfelt reunion meeting between us and my ex and his daughter Natasha who is the half sister of my long deceased child Christopher. All tha tale is about how we got to sunnyridge as well so its for another space and time, but it was quite the trip..and there is a lovely national conservation wilderness right there called Red Rock Canyon. You can look it up online. Great desert hiking. enough for barbara

From:     Ted     11/25/2008     7:55 A.M.

Quite a trip, Barbara!
I've been hearing so much lately the varied twists and turns of people's relationships. So much, in fact, that I realize there are as many possible relationships as when they turn that big drum to choose the winning lottery tickets. Viva la difference...but finding the common denominator is true enlightenment.

From:     Ted     11/25/2008     8:21 A.M.

Two hillbillies walk into a restaurant. While having a bite to eat, they
talk about their moonshine operation.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to
cough. And, after a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real
distress. One of the hillbillies looks at her and says, 'Kin ya swallar?'

The woman shakes her head no.

Then he asks, 'Kin ya breathe?'

The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her
drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue.

The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction
flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks
slowly back to his table.

His partner says, 'Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver'
but I ain't niver seed nobody do it!'

From:     Ted     11/26/2008     9:59 A.M.

Here's the whole article on Bob Hale

From:     barbara w.     11/26/2008     3:24 P.M.

barbara w.should have known you would cyber the whole aricle. I bought the magazine to read on the airplane. I didn't think it said a whole lot, but it sure did portray bob hale as the schizoid maniac that he always was...sad end to a sad tale...peace...happy thanksgiving everyone..and ponder on the idea that what comes out of your mouth is alot ore iportant than what goes in. love barbara

From:     The Eatons     11/27/2008     6:51 A.M.

May it be a wonderful day with OODLES OF LOVE

From:     Ted     11/27/2008     7:44 A.M.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, Eatons!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Now just WHO do I thank? And WHAT am I truly thankful for?
Come on, Ted...take a fresh look...

From:     Mij     11/27/2008     1:54 P.M.

Hello all and a Happy T day too..

AAAAHHHhhh Ted, the perverbial question, the perverbial quandary...

i suppose if your a religeous man you'd thank Mr. almighty himself...
but you've probably figured out after these past years of sometimes
questionable and at the very least controversial diatribes that i
don't quite aspire to that particular way of looking at fact
on my way back from Grants Pass i had the great non-pleasure of
following..let me re-phrase that..trailing a persom whom decided it was
a great idea to put a huge sign on the back of his rig which read:
"Are you following Jesus this close"?
Now personally i think he should follow Jesus a bit less and start following
the rules of the f---in' road a bit more..but hey, that's just me!

Anyway, i tailgated him with my blasphemous ass the whole way.

Back to the perverbial quandary..i think one should thank all that have
come before and all who may hopefully follow...with a few exceptions
of course!..Hitler...Mussolini..Monkey Boy..

Or just thank the poop gods for allowing you another day of a
poop-free foot!

But whomever one thanks, i hope and wish you all a most



From:     Ted     11/30/2008     7:41 P.M.

Recent Discovery
Historic JAF drawing
From Chris the Englishman to Jim Melnik to

(slightly larger and original available upon request)

From:     Ted     12/2/2008     7:49 A.M.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
I made a few changes to last year's ADVENT CALENDAR for this year.
Hope all the kids enjoy.

From:     the old yeo..     12/2/2008     4:15 P.M.

is it tai chi or chia tea i'm cornfused.high happy holy daze to everone.the old yeo.peace&i do love y'all.

From:     Ted     12/4/2008     10:17 P.M.

Had our second get-together with Suzette at Melnik's house. She got a tour of jimmy's fantastic garden and we all shared stories of how we came to sunnyridge and childhood and life. Lots of fun...with help from jim's cozy fire in the fireplace and crackers and cheeze and smoked oysters etc.

From:     Ted     12/6/2008     8:59 P.M.

I'm eating coffee ice cream and watching Prince Caspian

From:     Leah     12/6/2008     11:15 P.M.

MIr gave me a wonderful Jaf image that was my Dad's. I have it on my bedroom wall....Thanks, Jaf, thanks Dad, thanks Mir.


From:     barbara w.     12/7/2008     4:41 P.M.

barbara w. who is Prince Caspian? seriously, I just returned from a potato latkes Hannukah party at the Beth Israel Temple in Eugene. I saw lots of friends and family there including Nina Korican, and the latkes (potato pancakes) were yummy. Happy Holidays everyone, whatever you celebrate. bythe way tomorrow is my 67th birthday. Pretty amazing...and it is also the day Buddhists celebrate Buddha's enligtenment, and the Feast of the Annunciation, for all you Jesus afficianados. Love, barbara

From:     Ruby     12/8/2008     11:23 A.M.

You look maavelous! Celebrate!
We Love you!

From:     Ellen Sue & Ted     12/8/2008     1:27 P.M.

Happy Happy Birthday Barbara !! Didn't realize it was the day after Faith's 35th. Big smiles and LOVE.

From:     Rita     12/8/2008     2:56 P.M.

Hi Barbara--Wishing you many more HAPPIES and many more wonderful
Prince Caspian is the second book of the 7-book NARNIA series--

Ted, I too was eating Starbuck's coffee icecream and watching
Prince Caspian Friday night--But I fell asleep promptly when the
icecream was gone--

Have a great day everyone--
Mij cut a tabletop size Christmas tree today--We have always had
floor to ceiling size, but with O'riley. that is impossible--We call him
"the logger" because he'll drag the logs by the woodstove and chew

Peace, Love

From:     Ruby     12/8/2008     4:20 P.M.

Hi Everybody,
Sounds like I missed the all points bulletin. I wasn't eating ice cream or watching the Narnia flick. Oh well.
My daughter, McKenzie sent me this article about how the "economic downturn" is effecting all the places that take and sell recycled stuff. It's a real trickle down. Portland still takes it all, but for how long?
Leah, we're going to have to make more and more art out of the stuff they can't use!
I think everyone should have some birthday cake tonight and make a wish.

From:     Mij     12/9/2008     7:19 P.M.

Hello all, and happy holidays!

Yes, Prince Caspian is the second book of the 7 book series of
"The Chronicles of Narnia"..C.S Lewis of course was the author..
i read them a couple times when i was a wee lad, and loved them..but then
i read the "Lord of the Rings" and they became my new favorite..i must
have read them at least three times..

probably expains alot i'm sure..

So we're been having one of the dryest beginnings to winter in a
long time. It's been almost a month without any precipitation with
lot's and lot's of cold, dreary fog! Mt. Asland sent all their employees
home due to no snow..and the creeks and rivers look like late summer
flow..we got a tree up near Bolin Lake, which would normally be closed..
But, SUPPOSEDLY we're suppose to have a big change in the weather
pattern this weekend, with cold temps and low snow levels, probably
some accumulations in the valleys Sat. and fact, Portland could
see an "Arctic Blast" with this pattern sending temps there quite low..
i hope it pans out because we need the moisture..

Hope everyone's Christmas, Hannukah, etc., is a joyous and happy
occasion filled with peace..


From:     Ted     12/11/2008     4:07 P.M.

By the way,
Ivy Hammers and Thomas MIley have been added to the
Sunnyridge Mailing List (group email) - found on the Sunnyridge Address Book

Here's who's signed up so far:
Ivy Boteler (Hamers)
Marc Bottenstein
Rita/mij Eaton
SIG (Stewart Geller)
Stan Kahn
Mike Menges
Thomas Miley
Ted Pilger
Larry & Barbara Weinstein

From:     the old yeo     [email protected]     12/12/2008     2:52 P.M.

what's the mailing list &who do we pay to get on?hope all is well before the flood! peace.

From:     barbara w.     12/12/2008     8:19 P.M.

old yeo..I think we are all already on the sunnyridge mailing list and it is old ted who is compelling us to be in a group... just means we can talk to each other all at once, some of the time. wow...just like sunnyridge. no cost in the monetary world, just in the brain. love barbara w.

From:     Rita     12/13/2008     6:46 A.M.

Hi Everyone--
We awoke this morning with about three inches of snow on the ground
and trees and all the way up to Sunnyridge which I presume has
about six to eight inches of the beautiful white stuff--
Snow and cold to continue into next week--

As a kid growing up in Revere(10 miles north of Boston), I can't
remember an icestorm that just hit that area yesterday--what wicked
weather that is--
When we awoke to snow, it meant coasting and snowball fights--
In the summer when we awoke to 100 degree temps, we went
swimming and picked blueberries--

Weather never bothered us as kids--

Peace, Love

From:     Alice     12/14/2008     3:31 P.M.

It's snowing here in Oregon House too. Not sticking much but huge flakes. Went for a walk with John and our dogs and it was cold but the flakes felt great on my face. It's a fairly rare occurrence here. Happy holidays and lots of love to all!

From:     Mij     12/19/2008     5:26 A.M.

Hello and happy holidays to all!

We just recieved Sunnyridge T-shirts from Larry and Barbara and
i ( we ) would like to give our sincere thanks for that kind gesture..


As a matter of fact, i'm wearing mine right now..and i've gone 10
minutes without depositing a foreign substance of some kind upon
it! i usually manage to soil my shirts somehow!..the chronic drooling
seems to be the most prevelant! But luckily i wear a bib 24/7 so
as to avoid such things....

i know, have i ever been serious?!


Anyway, thank you so much, they will get good use...

We've been in a snowy situation here in the valley..about 7" fell
here at the house, but snowfall amounts were all over the place..
town had about 4"..Takilma about 11"..and the folks out at Sunstar
had close to 30" in some areas!

"The weather outside is frightful"!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs Pilger for the calendar you sent to me
via e-mail. i haven't actually used it, but i appreciate the thought..
Your a Cyber Whiz Ted, i swear! i'm amazed at how creative and
artistic you are with these pages..kudos to you!

As for me, i'm working when i can and trying to keep a positive
attitude in these not so positive times...I find myself reflecting upon
how un-cluttered and simple our lives were back in the was
a very special time of which we were all lucky enough to have
experienced and participated in...which is why this site so keeps those feelings and memories a part of the
here and now..

Ok, so much for "Deep thoughts by Mij"! i'll say adieu for now and
wish everyone a most happy and uneventful holiday filled with
laughter and joy...


From:     Ted     12/19/2008     7:27 A.M.

Very nice, mij!
Wonder if you all will have a white christmas?

The "calendar" spoken of is here:

Its and "Advent Calendar"...each day something new.
Some are pretty cool
Some are duds

From:     CONTINUED FOR 2009     12/19/2008     12:26 P.M.

From:     Ted     12/22/2008     5:07 A.M.

Whoa...cold here in the City. But we got here hassle-free and decorated a tree at Faith, Al and Jack's.
Happy Hanukkah!

From:     The Eatons     12/25/2008     6:40 A.M.

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS--Enjoy a most wondrous day--

From:     barbara w.     12/30/2008     4:49 P.M.

from barbara w. finally home and healing well from a burst appendix and major surgery. was in hos.pital from dec18th to dec27th New Years Greeting to all you beautiful souls that I share space with..cyber and mystic. love rules.

From:     Ted     12/31/2008     5:47 A.M.

Hi Barbara
That must have been quite an experience. I hope all the love that surrounds you transformed any fear or pain into something more inspirational. We heard Larry's phone message a few days ago from New York and sent (and continue to send) our best wishes for complete recovery along with our tender hugs. Life is a trip!

From:     Stan (via email)     12/31/2008     6:02 A.M.

Roller Coaster Year

From the heights of exuberant irrationality, to omens of the Great
Depression, 2008 was a deal-breaking year. As long as the masses
kowtowed to the gods of unfettered capitalism they were assured the
majority would benefit. Ok, what the ruling class really meant was the
majority representing the upper half of society. But still, many
prospered: housing values spiked (against all reason, it should be
added) providing the ownership class an easy ATM of lots of ready
(unearned) cash; the stock market just kept going up keeping those
401ks rising handsomely; hedge fund managers paid only 15% income tax
on their spectacular megamillion dollar earnings compared to the 35%
rate paid by Average Joe Middle-Class - but that was the price of
innovation, the good greed that kept the money spigot going and
exhibited the greatness of capitalism, American style....

From:     Ted     12/31/2008     6:13 A.M.

When I was a kid we used to go into the City (NYC) to see the amazing Christmas Display in Macy's Window (still, so they say, the largest department store in the world). Here's a youtube video I made of this years display (it's gotten a bit high tech from when I was little)

From:     the old yeo     12/31/2008     8:42 A.M.

now that meery kiss moose is over,for the new year afew thoughts,work like you don't need the money,love like you've never been hurt,dance like no one is watching.hope you're healing barbara.peace all.

From:     barbara w.     1/3/2009     9:13 A.M.

barbara w. happy 2009 everyone. looking forward to getting better and better. I am healing slowly but well. the sun is actually peeking out right now here in eugene and this is a true miracle. Looking forward to seeing pix of Jack Barillero and his family when the Pilgers get back to Santa Barbara. Right now I am contenting myself with listening to Carole King's classic album Tapestry.Oldie but still fabulous. love barbara w.

From:     Stan (via email)     1/4/2009     8:39 A.M.

Siege of Gaza

After five months of a cease fire in which Hamas fired no rockets into
Israel from Gaza, Israel invaded and killed 6 militants and then
proclaimed that they didnt think that constituted a breach of the
cease fire. Since the Palestinian militants didnt quite agree that
their compatriots could be killed without repercussions, they resumed
their crude rocket attacks. Crude because they have no way to
accurately aim them and only cause damage when they are lucky....

From:     Ted     1/4/2009     9:06 A.M.

Just for you, Barbara...I uploaded a few pictures to Jack's website. Just go to album 9 (Holidays).
Hope you continue to heal and be inspired by the whole phenomenon of healing. Much love from the NYC crowd...

From:     b arbara w.     1/11/2009     9:38 A.M.

hello all you karmically blessed beings. here are some thoughts on the ugliness in israel and gaza fro me. I don't think it is a coicidence that the Israeli's launched this big ofensive now because it is their possible last chance to have full approval from Bush administration policy. No one knows what the Obama administration will come up with but I do know one thing. In theend it is only grassroots communication beteeen real people tha is ever going to solve the world's conflicts we must all learn to see each other as equal in the eyes of the universal divine spark. Happy joy and gratitude for all the blessings us americans have and remember compassion for all suffering beings. love fro barbara w.

From:     Stan     1/13/2009     10:14 A.M.

Thanks Barbara,
You are correct, we are one human race and all must be treated equally. What's happening is tragic for Palestinian lives and Israeli morality and consciousness. Since Israel is incapable of negotiating a fair peace, they will always have resistance. They are selling/destroying their souls for real estate. All should be able to live there in peace and as equals. The whole thing makes me distraught.

From:     Ted     1/12/2009     10:33 P.M.

A week ago, in NY, I saw Greg Mortenson on TV. He's the big guy who builds schools in Pakistan for girls. That's his whole philosophy and heart...grassroots communications. I read his book and it was amazing how much he got away with by simply being genuine and loving with the most dangerous people you can imagin. Even the US military and government had their mind blow with his successes. Unfortunately, the juggernaut of government is not so easily haulted. (Probably mispelled a bunch of words...who cares...I just finished watching "You can't take it with you" with jimmy stewart)

From:     Mij     1/13/2009     8:04 A.M.

Hello to all and a rather late but well intentioned Happy New Year
to each and every one of you ageless hippie-like entities!
( That's "Happy new year to you all"! )
i've been negligent in my annoying postings and i apologize for that
glaringly obvious dick-head type behavior!..
( that's "i haven't written in awhile and will try to do better"! )

Well we had a nice snowfall of which i believe you were all
aware of, and just as quick as it piled up it was taken away by
a rather warm series of storms. We had flooding, but nothing like
what was, and still is, going on up in Washington state. Over 20 miles of
I-5 was closed due to high water, and huge areas of land were instantly
turned into seasonal lakes of brown crappy water. At one point there was a
state of emergency declared by the govenor, and thousands of homes
and people were either effected directly or indirectly by what was some
of the worst flooding in the state's history!..

Hence the name "WASH"ington..

As for us, the rivers here went up, but i've seen them much higher
many times before so we escaped without anyone being to
adversly was still cool though to drive around and check
out all the water where usually there is none..
But now for the past week we've been in a major high pressure with
that ever popular and always highly anticipated thing called FOG!
There has been some clearing and there's suppose to be more in the
coming days which will allow us mole-like people the chance to see that
giant glowing orb in the sky! In fact Brookings is suppose to be in the
mid-70's today! If i wasn't going work i'd put some of that ecological
devestating, corporate enriching gasoline in my car and go bask in
the warmth and beauty of the beach..

If my aunt had balls she'd be....

Well! i better say adieu before i write something that could be considered
vulgar! Although i personally have never done such a thing i've heard
there are people who do...

i hope you continue to get better barbara, and i'm glad your getting
back on your feet. I've noticed about the only constant to getting
older is getting afflictions! But i suppose it's how we deal with that aspect
of aging which dictates whether we get old or just get less young..we
all wish you a speedy recovery and healthy, happy days...

And to all of you, the same sentiments from us all here at Hays cut off..
May your 2009 be prosperous and happy..